Joe Nichols
The Early Years (2005)
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1) She Could Care Less
2) Six of One, Half a Dozen (Of the Other)
3) Wal-Mart Parking Lot
4) To Tell You the Truth, I Lied
5) I Hate the Way I Love You
6) Independent Girl
7) In Spite of Myself
8) I'm Not That King of Guy
9) Old Cheyenne
10) Leave the Past Behind

1) Six of One, Have a Dozen (Of the Other)
2) Wal-Mark Parking Lot
3) To Tell You the Truth, I Lied
4) I Hate the Way I Love You

This collection of songs is Joe Nichols’s first fully produced studio album that was made in his early days in Nashville. It gives all country, and specifically Joe Nichols’s, fans an early, in-depth look at his stardom just as it was beginning to shine. The album was recorded in the famous Muscle Shoals studio and featured some of Nashville’s finest studio session players.




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